Shop DrawingsServices

Shop drawings are detailed drawings, diagrams, or plans created by contractors, subcontractors, fabricators, or manufacturers to illustrate how specific components or systems will be constructed, installed, or fabricated during the construction process. These drawings provide detailed information about materials, dimensions, tolerances, finishes, and installation methods to ensure that the design intent is accurately translated into the built environment



Shop drawings services in florida and across the globe  are produced using 3D BIM Models and hence are consistent with no scope of manual errors. If there are any updates to the model, the plans, sections, details and schedules all update in real time, ensuring correct data in every construction document. We follow all international standards like SMACNA, ASHRAE, IMC, ANSI, ASME, IPC, UPC, NFPA, IEC, IEEE, BS and local codes as per project requirement.


Quickand Accurate:

The shop drawing process creation can be automated for a lot of disciplines, ensuring that all the outputs are generated extremely fast and according to a set of defined rules and standards.


Since we build virtually, we put in a lot of thought into value engineering and planning into how costs, delays and wastage can be reduced. Use of BIM based shop drawing workflows encourages off-site and prefab construction which also contributes to a more sustainable project.

Once the Design BIM Model has been prepared at the LOD 300 stage, we carry out stringent processes of Clash Detection and Model coordination. This ensures that the model is accurate, coordinated and compatible for subsequent fabrication processes and suitable to be taken to the LOD 400 stage. The BIM model is detailed to incorporate all the construction execution information, including fabrication components. Our Shop Drawings are extensively detailed with information about specifications, measurement dimensions, connection and installation. In addition to this, our 3D format shop drawings help communicate the design intent to the on-site contractors. This eliminates constructability issues or any future inconsistencies which would have caused delays otherwise.



Fabrication drawings are generated directly through the BIM model, saving hours of manual drafting and ensuring accuracy in details. Model is detailed till the connections to ensure efficient fabrication drawing generations. The model acts as an effective database for all the drawings and documentation at one central location, thus reducing the hassles of managing hundreds of drawings. Changes implemented in the Model are shown in all the drawings simultaneously due to a centralized system.