Laser Scan To BIMServices

Laser scan to BIM models can be used for various purposes in the AEC industry, including renovation and retrofit projects, as-built documentation, clash detection and coordination, facility management, historical preservation, and visualization for design and planning purposes.


Real DataCapture:

Even if there are no drawings or plans available, Our Laser scan to BIM services in Florida has laser scanning devices can capture the real world in 3D laser scanning devices can capture the real world in 3D. This information can further be utilized to develop as-built BIM Models which can be further linked to CMMS and FM systems.


Quick and Accurate:

The entire laser scanning to BIM process is extremely fast as compared to conventional surveying techniques. Using our services, clients can save time and money. Further, the data is more accurate and reliable since there are no chances of human errors


Using advanced technologies like LiDAR and BIM, the process of creation of conventional deliverables like as-built drawings can be expedited while ensuring accuracy and correctness in the information along with other outputs, like a point cloud, 3D BIM model and more.

Scan to BIM is an evolutionary technology which is changing the way construction design and planning is being design for already made structures and renovations. It is an ideal technique for retrofitting of old structures or for developments for which the design or spatial drawings are not available.

VDEC has a team for laser scanning of existing structures and has proficient to convert the laser scan point cloud data into information rich BIM models and also generate the 2D CAD drawings from the same.

Also, for certain projects where expansions are planned ,this tool acts as an instrumental tool in capturing existing constitution, recording and documenting them using 2D CAD drawings or BIM models and then re-planning any new more