Off-site EngineeringServices

Offsite engineering, also known as offsite construction or prefabrication, involves the manufacturing or assembly of building components or entire building systems at a location away from the construction site. These prefabricated components are then transported to the site for installation, integration, and assembly into the final building structure.


Modular Concept Coordination& Module Drawings:

Our engineering function provides expert technical and tendering support to our clients with full 2D and 3D drawing services in florida and co-ordination support. We operate the latest industry design Auto CAD software which works in synergy with the patented bespoke modularisation software. The results of using pre-fabricated modules are a reduction in capital costs, construction time and defects with the added benefit of enhanced predictability, productivity, quality and a reduction in the need for skilled labourers.

In response to ever increasing time constraints and health and safety requirements VDEC have set up a dedicated prefabrication service Team, We have extensive experience of supplying this service to a wide range of AEC industry including data management centres internationally. We are able to Produce drawings of pre-fabricated trapezes, mounted distribution board assemblies for risers, and pre-fabricated modules all to the exact requirements of our clients.