Quantity EstimationServices

Quantity estimation, also known as quantity takeoff or material takeoff, is the process of determining the quantities of materials required for a construction project based on its design drawings and specifications. This information is essential for cost estimation, procurement, scheduling, and project planning.


Bill of Quantity & Estimation:

The significant benefit of 3D modeling is accurate quantity information. Bill of Quantities (BOQ), Bill of Materials (BOM), & Quantity take offs are considered as the key economical factor for any project. BOQ & BOM are prepared at the preliminary stage of the project, which involves in the core estimation of the total cost. It contains all data of scope and materials, directly or indirectly involved fabrication of components and helps the Owner/ Consultant to design the profitability and feasibility of the project accurately. It helps in controlling the estimated cost by neutralizing the wastage and provides final information on the fabrication.

VDEC expertise support, provides the client with all such relevant accurate BOQ’s, BOM’s can be detailed & tabulated to Client’s standards. It is software generated and automatically updates with the changes in the model.

We provide architectural 3D rendering services communicating architectural design concepts in lifelike situations. We deliver fast & affordable 3D rendering with high – fidelity architectural visualizations, & immersive walkthroughs at any stage of a project Showcases the space layout, zoning, materials, textures, colors, lighting, furniture, decor choices, etc. in day and night mode in a high – quality photo – realistic way. Shows the exterior of the property and the surroundings of any type or scale before the construction is even scheduled in day or night mode in a high – – realistic way. Gives a tour around the property as if it were already built & shows the surroundings and exterior design with a detailed walk – through of the building. Represents the project with dimensional accuracy required for construction and aesthetic visualization f or building owners, developers & architecture firms.


BOQ Generation:

All the modes that we build at VDEC are made in line with actual construction practices and therefore are capable of being used to generate highly accurate Bill of Quantities (BOQs) in customizable formats leveraging the information embedded in each component of the model.

Accuracy and Flexibility:

The Quantity Estimation by VDEC is free of human errors which come in during manual calculations because they are auto-generated from the model. Customized takeoffs through the model including pour wise quantities, floor wise finishes etc. can be done which greatly enhance conventional activities like procurement and cost reconciliation.



The BIM models developed by VDEC consist of all the disciplines and therefore are able to generate quantities of all the Architectural, Structural and MEP components. Progressive changes in quantities and relevant costs due to client decisions are updated dynamically in budget sheets which always remain in sync with the model.