Facility ManagementServices

Facility management (FM) is the practice of managing and maintaining the built environment, including buildings, infrastructure, and grounds, to ensure they meet the needs of the organizations and individuals who use them. Facility management encompasses a wide range of activities and services aimed at optimizing the functionality, efficiency, safety, and comfort of facilities while minimizing costs and environmental impact.



VDEC provides best facility Management services in florida and across the Globe.Building Automation systems can be linked with our BIM Models, enabling facility managers a seamless control over their buildings which they can see using a 3D dashboard instead of just a conventional CMMS system.



The BIM Models developed by VDEC contain COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) parameters which are essential for utilizing the model for facility management. The BIM model enables one to switch off certain building components or make them transparent so as to virtually see through the building. Such a model is extremely useful to visualize the services running through and planning the repair and maintenance.

The ever expanding use of BIM process for design, analysis, construction planning, 4D coordination and other construction phases provides a humongous resource full of valuable information which can be employed by the facility managers to manage and maintain the building throughout the lifecycle of the structure. The information contained in the model can support day-to-day operations and planning needed to ensure that the facility operates at the highest efficiency achievable.

Creating an accurate as-built design requires updates from all the participants and stakeholders of the construction process. Post construction, the as-built BIM data can be used for managing security, safety, maintenance and renovation purposes. Dimensions, materials and specifications of all components can be accessed through the application.

Since the physical and functional characteristics of a building are digitally represented through BIM, this information can be used for management throughout the lifecycle, from conception to demolition. The use of a 3D model along with complete information brings in the possibility of handling further repairs and renovations, leading to hassle-free maintenance.


1. The Maintenance department of a hotel can easily detect problems in ventilation systems through an extremely sophisticated database having information about all mechanical components.
2. Chemical Plants can easily detect a malfunctioning pipeline from the 3D “as-built” BIM model, saving hours of time spent on identification using conventional methods.
3. Maintenance Schedules can be effortlessly constructed and used to give relevant work orders by easily searching for the appropriate component specifications.
4. The BIM model can be used to give emergency responders access to critical building information to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the response and minimize the safety risks.
5. The Asset Management Team can
-Review all the assets in the foretold area and evaluate the cost implications of maintaining or upgrading the structure’s assets.
-Track the use, performance, maintenance and warranty of a building’s asset for the owner, the maintenance team and the financial department.
-Estimate the future costs involved for repairing or upgrading the current systems in place.