Virtual Project Timeline

At VDEC, we work to integrate additional dimensions of costs and time with the 3D models, hence enabling end clients to visualize projects in an unparalleled fashion. Multiple activities happening simultaneously can be viewed and planned for most effective resource utilization.

Save Costs and Prevent Delays

Time and costs can be remotely monitored and acted upon. The 4D and 5D Simulations provided by VDEC act as dashboards to manage entire projects. These can be further integrated with legacy technologies like ERPs to manage procurement and other tasks in an efficient manner.

Level of Detail

The simulations can be linked to macro as well as micro schedules. The former can be used for site-wide activities planning while the latter can be utilized to showcase specific construction procedures to the site teams. “BIM is not just 3D. The inclusion of dimensions of time and cost take the project to the next level giving rise to a coordinated 5D model.”

Simulating the progress of the construction activity helps the construction team visualize logistical issues or inefficiencies. The virtual simulation exposes details such as out-of-sequence work, scheduling conflicts between multiple trades, ‘what if’ scenarios, and macro-level construction phasing strategies – all in order to achieve the optimization of the construction schedule. Coupled with visual insight, we also provide a complete step-by-step report representing the planned construction set against time and cost using the 4D and 5D BIM simulations.