BIM Services for Designers

When revolution calls for new thoughts, we transfer the concept design of mechanical, plumbing, electrical services in construction industry to the next level by design validation & its implementation in 3D modeling along with co-ordination, 4Dsimulation, Design review and validation, data information in a collaborative environment along with relevant Architectural and Structural Services.

We do also offer a whole new array of diverse service to the industry catering from Architects to Contractors, Designers to Executors.

Steps In MEP Design with BIM

  • Assigning Real Time Parameters to Each Entity
  • Defining Geo-Technical & Material Properties
  • Design Analysis
  • Validation of Inputs
  • Design Iterations (If necessary)
  • Modeling of Building Components and Services
  • Clash Detection & Resolution
  • Optimization of the layouts
  • Constructability & Aesthetic Review
  • Value Addition & Cost Optimization
  • Generate Technical schedules & BOM
  • Generate Floor plans, Schematics, Enlarged plans and Section.
  • Design Documentation


Design Development Using BIM - Mechanical (HVAC)

Heat Load Analysis

  • HVAC Heat load analysis can be carried out using BIM
    considering parameters like:Properties of MaterialType of BuildingAvailable Closed Architectural SpaceDesign OccupancyBuilding OrientationThe loads consist of:Specific latent heat load (keeping in mind the Fresh Air requirement)Design Lighting loadEquipment loadResult is useful for initial design of system.

Design Development Using BIM - Mechanical Piping

Design Development Using BIM - Plumbing

Design Development Using BIM - Electrical