This refers to modelling of all major architectural and aesthetic components like walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, roofs etc. Not only can architectural 3D models be used to validate proposed concepts and visualize designs but the same models can also be used as decision making tools during the construction phase as well


Our Architectural BIM Services provide an information-rich Revit BIM Architectural model from sketches, drawings, point cloud scan, PDF; as well as custom Revit content/family, and 3D rendering & visualization, etc. for our clients as per the Scope of Work (SOW) and with required Level of Detail (LOD).

We offer
Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Revit 3D Modeling
Architectural Floor Plan, Elevations, Roof, Ceilings, Furniture, Kitchen, etc.
Architectural Site Plan Lay out
Architectural Conceptual, Schematic, and Design Development
Architectural Construction Documents Set
Architectural Component Revit Family
Point Cloud to Architectural BIM Modeling
Architectural Shop Drawings
Architectural As - built Drawings
Quantity Tak e - off and Material Take - offs (BOQ & BOM)
Rendering / Walk through’ s
4D simulation and 5D Estimating & Costing

VDC Influences the entire construction project lifecycle. Come walk through the journey of VDEC team and the role it plays in the project life cycle.

Structural Building Information Modeling:

Our Structural BIM Services provide Revit structural modeling and coordination to improve structural documentation and streamline collaboration to accelerate the fabrication & construction process. This is the representation of structural members such as beams, columns, slabs, footings, piles, reinforcement, post t ension cables etc. One of the major benefits of using BIM for structures is to enable accurate calculation of cost and quantities associated and also optimize components like rebar to the minutest detail. VDEC leads this process by integrating analysis and design through the use of the BIM model. We provide detailed GA drawings, Fabrication drawings, Assembly drawings, Part drawings and shop drawings of steel columns, steel beams ad reinfor cement details in reinforced concrete members for the teams involved in the project structure. Our services allow clients to visualize project structure, iterate changes between design and detailed models, and create coordinated model - based designs.

Mechanical (HVAC) Building Information Modeling:

Modelling involves ducts, mechanical pipelines and equipment. The models can be used for quick estimation of quantities required and generation of fabrication drawings. Other benefits include the use of 3D models for coordination and checking clashes with other disciplines.

Our Revit HVAC BIM Services is specialized in developing accurate and detailed HVAC model with required LOD and as per the BIM execution plan. Develop mech anical systems models as per the defined spaces and zones in the building model.
We offer
2D Drafting Services
BIM Modeling Services
Coordination Services
Shop Drawings Creation
Fabrication Drawings / Spool Drawings
Content Revit Family Creation
Quantity t ake - off and BOM
4D Construction Scheduling
5D Cost Estimation

Electrical services Building Information Modeling:

Electrical systems are the lifeline of any building. As buildings get increasingly complex, modelling of electrical components is not only necessary to avoid clashes and delays on site, but also for linking with Building automation systems (BAS/BMS) once the building has been constructed. Elements like cable trays, switches, electrical equipment and fixtures, lighting, telephone, nurse call, security, data, communication etc. are all modelled under this discipline.

Our Electrical BIM Services is specialized in converting a detailed Electrical design into the Revit Electrical model. We are specialized in providing the required level of details ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 throughout the initial schematic Electrical design to the construction stage.

L ighting fixtures layout and panel modeling as per the schedules .

Small power fixtures layout and panel modeling as per the schedules .
Security system fixtures layout and panel modelling.
Telecom fixtures layout and Panels Modeling.
PAS (Public Adressing system) fixtures layout and panels modelling.
Electrical cable tray s & Conduits modelling.
Wiring diagram and cable drawings .
Walk through of electrical BIM modeling
BOQ of Electrical elements .
Parametric modeling and library creation of electrical components .




Fire Protection Services Building Information Modeling

Fire hazards are a major threat to modern buildings. Piping, sprinklers, fire hose, hose reel, extinguishers, valves, smoke detectors, fire alarm systems are all part of the 3D firefighting models that we create. Creation of 3D models helps in checking whether these systems are clashing with the structural framing of the building, or if the ceiling heights can be optimized

Fire Extinguishers
Water - Based fire suppression system. One of the most com mon type of fire protection system used to knock out fire...
Chemical Foam Suppression System
Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube...
Pressurized Gas System
Foam Deluge System
Shop Drawings
Fabrication Drawings
Quantity Take - off and Material Take - off (BOQ & BOM)

Plumbing (PHE) Services Building Information Modeling

Plumbing systems of any building comprise of drainage, water supply, waste disposal, rainwater, storm water drainage etc. Pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fixtures, valves comprise these systems. At VDEC we use 3D plumbing models not just for clash detection but also for pipe sizing and pressure loss calculations. Our Plumbing BIM Services is specialized in converting a detail ed Plumbing design into the Revit plumbing model. We are specialized in providing the required level of details ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 throughout the initial schematic plumbing design to the construction stage.

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